The joy of baking bread at home

People with the Celiac disease will often feel pain in the abdomen when their small intestines attempt to digest any food rich in gluten. When I was diagnosed with the disease, I thought I would never eat bread again since bread is made of wheat, which is a major source of gluten.

After the doctor’s advice, I learnt that there was still hope in eating gluten-free bread. Unfortunately, buying gluten-free bread from the shops can be quite expensive. Because of their unique nature, most shops sell gluten-free bread at a price higher than that of the normal bread. With this in mind, I knew it was time to start making my own gluten-free bread at home.

While shopping around for the best bread maker for gluten-free bread, I came across the Zojirushi bread maker. Ever since I started my kitchen bakery, I’ve learned a lot. With my bread making machine at home, I don’t have to follow the long route of using a separate mixer for my gluten-free ingredients, then transferring the dough into the bread maker for baking.


My machine has two mixing paddles. I can comfortably use one paddle to mix the dough and then let it rise and bake within the same bread maker. Some bread machines only have one paddle for mixing. If you need gluten-free bread, you are forced to use a separate mixer, before transferring the contents to the bread maker.

My bread maker also has a collection of recipes for glut-free bread. This is very convenient for anybody who has never baked bread before. Imagine getting into the kitchen to bake bread, only to realize that you have no idea of what you need to bake. You may as well have a rough idea, but you don’t know the right quantity to mix your ingredients. With the machine, all I do is follow the well written, ready recipe.

My machine also has two inbuilt cycles. When in need of gluten-free bread, I use the specific cycle for the procedure without worrying. The machine also has other custom settings to enable the preparation of the normal white bread, doughnuts, cakes, and even cookies. With two cycles for products rich in gluten and those not rich in gluten, my freedom inside the kitchen is not limited in any way. When I found it, I knew I had the best bread maker to meet my needs. Read this reviews on Panasonic bread maker.

My bread making machine also has a timer to custom how long the bread will last inside the oven. I’m able to munch on fresh, hot bread every time I wake up in the morning, at the convenience of my kitchen. Though designed, for both home use and commercial use, the bread maker is less noisy.

Finding the best bread maker for bread that doesn’t have gluten may be quite a difficult task. The convenience of baking at home can be achieved by using a machine that has more than one paddles for dough mixing, customizable cycles for varieties of bread, and of course, the cost of the bread maker.