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Hectic life is taking a toll on me. Heck, sometimes I’d still need to bring my work back home. A lot of work and researches need to be done before I conduct a presentation to the board every fortnight. It has never been an easy task simply because I don’t have a proper office in my house. Sometimes, I’d work at the dining table, in the living room, or in my bedroom. Things are messy. Then, one day I decided to have my own office at home.

This is my ideal office at home.

My ideal workspace
My Ideal Office

The monochromatic colors of black and white will set the office mood straight. The sophisticated yet timeless colors will give the idea of a classy office. With everything in the hues of black and white, it is optional to insert certain items of a different hue in my office. I’ll place a bouquet of roses on the table, perhaps? Budget shouldn’t be a problem, because almost all items I need are easily available at IKEA at an affordable price.

Say, if a monochromatic-colored office is too serious, there’s always an alternative idea. Pastel colors are excellent choices as they will soothe and calm my anxiety when I have deadlines to meet. However, I have to bear in mind that bright colors may not be the most suitable colors to be painted in my office. Bright colors create the idea of a jovial, happy and fun atmosphere. Too much of the vibrancy could kill the mood to focus on serious matters.

Pastel-colored Work Space
Pastel-colored Office

Of course, one can never go wrong with minimal decorations and furniture in an office. Lighting is important in a simple office. The balcony should allow a certain degree of light to enter the office. It helps to brighten up the office, thus giving the illusion that the office is spacious. Sitting in a dimly lit office is not ideal for the brain to function properly. And, it is best to have some small plants (e.g cactus) placed on the table, as well.

The Minimal Concept
The Minimalistic Concept

In the end I settled for the minimalist concept. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Home Office

  1. After having lived through an extensive renovation a couple of years ago, I completely understand your need to keep the disruption to a minimum!

  2. Love that you are taking your readers along on the journey! It’s so refreshing to see REAL homes in addition to STYLED homes.

  3. I’m excited to watch the process because you are realistic while setting up a lovely home. Love the minimalist concept!

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