Going to buy a new knife block set

My old knife set is not a block set. We are shifting to a new house. I have my kitchen done up the way I want, rather than adjust to what the rented accommodations are. I have always wanted my knives to be on kitchen counter top. In fact, I’d prefer it to be near the small table, which gives me a direct view to television programs. I could chop vegetables and meat while watching those programs. This obviously means a block set would be better and to be honest, it looks stylish.
kitchen knives
My requirements are all types of knives, paring is mandatory, so are carving knife and bread knife. If the set has a fork knife, a pair of shears, and a peeler it would complete my requirements, though I could forego a thing or two.

I liked the Wusthof Classic Deluxe set (8 pieces). Though it is expensive, it is one of the best knife block set around. I have used Wusthof knives so I should know. The set includes kitchen shears, cook’s knife with 8″ blade, paring knife with 3.5 inch blade, utility knife with 4.5 inch blade, bread knife with 8 inch blade, and sandwich knife with 6 inch blade. In addition to these, there is sharpening steel of 9 inches. The blades are made from steel but this steel is high carbon variety and includes an alloy that resists any stains. I am impressed with the shape of the blades and the shape of the wooden block. Chopping on board is so easy with knives of this this shape. Moreover, the block makes it easy for me to select the knife I want. Many knife block sets force people to stand up and select, which is not what I intend to do in my new home.

The second set that I liked was also Wusthof Classic Ikon Creme set, which has only 7 pieces. Unlike the Delexe set, which has oak block, the block in this set is made from walnut wood, and the handles are impressive in white color. The advantage of this set for me is that it has 17 slots, which means I could add new knives or other cutlery to it, later on. It is also expensive, but I think this one is worth it as well. I would personally opt for Wusthof knives anytime. Check out the reviews at Lavues.

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