Finally settled for a Mr. Coffee espresso maker

Travel has been our passion, and we stayed in India for almost a decade because my husband was sent there. We decided to make the most of our stay by traveling to various places in that country. I had a few problems though. I am a coffee addict, and finding a decently brewed coffee in a country that is predominantly tea drinker, was a difficult proposition. The closest they came to latte on coffee was in some southern State. The person poured coffee from a height of about 3 feet into a small glass below, with a great deal of precision, and repeated the action with the other hand till decent froth was built on coffee. There was nothing wrong with the coffee or beans. It was just that I was not accustomed to drinking so sweet coffee, and prefer it neatly placed before me in a ceramic cup or mug.

espresso maker

Decision on getting an espresso maker

After a few months of suffering, we ordered an espresso maker from Amazon but not before going through oh so many reviews about such appliances. I was told that reviews may not always be genuine. I believed that to be true. How can a small appliance get so many good reviews and simultaneously bad reviews? So when my husband was reading those reviews, I suggested that he only opt for the best espresso makers. “And how am I to judge that?” he’d asked. I promptly told him to look for espresso makers on Amazon that scored only four and and five star. The task was time consuming but my husband had the time, and I didn’t. So he sat a couple of hours for almost a week and searched different websites to locate the best espresso maker based on my stipulation. In about a week’s time, he had a few “best espresso maker reviews” for me to review and finalize. We decided we will take a small machine, rather a single cup espresso maker because Indians prefer tea and as long as we stay in India, we would have Indian visitors.

I feel no shame in admitting that I am the decision maker in my family in so far as the kitchen appliances go. My husband and my son get to do all the spade work. We finally settled for Mr. Coffee espresso maker. It was not until we had paid for it with my husband’s credit card that I noticed a few negative reviews. I guess there must have been some reason for my husband liking it. All I can say is I am happy with the appliance. I get creamy frothy coffee, and my younger children got creamy frothy chocolate from the same machine.