Home Office

Hectic life is taking a toll on me. Heck, sometimes I’d still need to bring my work back home. A lot of work and researches need to be done before I conduct a presentation to the board every fortnight. It has never been an easy task simply because I don’t have a proper office in my house. Sometimes, I’d work at the dining table, in the living room, or in my bedroom. Things are messy. Then, one day I decided to have my own office at home.

This is my ideal office at home.

My ideal workspace

My Ideal Office

The monochromatic colors of black and white will set the office mood straight. The sophisticated yet timeless colors will give the idea of a classy office. With everything in the hues of black and white, it is optional to insert certain items of a different hue in my office. I’ll place a bouquet of roses on the table, perhaps? Budget shouldn’t be a problem, because almost all items I need are easily available at IKEA at an affordable price.

Say, if a monochromatic-colored office is too serious, there’s always an alternative idea. Pastel colors are excellent choices as they will soothe and calm my anxiety when I have deadlines to meet. However, I have to bear in mind that bright colors may not be the most suitable colors to be painted in my office. Bright colors create the idea of a jovial, happy and fun atmosphere. Too much of the vibrancy could kill the mood to focus on serious matters.

Pastel-colored Work Space

Pastel-colored Office

Of course, one can never go wrong with minimal decorations and furniture in an office. Lighting is important in a simple office. The balcony should allow a certain degree of light to enter the office. It helps to brighten up the office, thus giving the illusion that the office is spacious. Sitting in a dimly lit office is not ideal for the brain to function properly. And, it is best to have some small plants (e.g cactus) placed on the table, as well.

The Minimal Concept

The Minimalistic Concept

In the end I settled for the minimalist concept. What do you think?

Going to buy a new knife block set

My old knife set is not a block set. We are shifting to a new house. I have my kitchen done up the way I want, rather than adjust to what the rented accommodations are. I have always wanted my knives to be on kitchen counter top. In fact, I’d prefer it to be near the small table, which gives me a direct view to television programs. I could chop vegetables and meat while watching those programs. This obviously means a block set would be better and to be honest, it looks stylish.
kitchen knives
My requirements are all types of knives, paring is mandatory, so are carving knife and bread knife. If the set has a fork knife, a pair of shears, and a peeler it would complete my requirements, though I could forego a thing or two.

I liked the Wusthof Classic Deluxe set (8 pieces). Though it is expensive, it is one of the best knife block set around. I have used Wusthof knives so I should know. The set includes kitchen shears, cook’s knife with 8″ blade, paring knife with 3.5 inch blade, utility knife with 4.5 inch blade, bread knife with 8 inch blade, and sandwich knife with 6 inch blade. In addition to these, there is sharpening steel of 9 inches. The blades are made from steel but this steel is high carbon variety and includes an alloy that resists any stains. I am impressed with the shape of the blades and the shape of the wooden block. Chopping on board is so easy with knives of this this shape. Moreover, the block makes it easy for me to select the knife I want. Many knife block sets force people to stand up and select, which is not what I intend to do in my new home.

The second set that I liked was also Wusthof Classic Ikon Creme set, which has only 7 pieces. Unlike the Delexe set, which has oak block, the block in this set is made from walnut wood, and the handles are impressive in white color. The advantage of this set for me is that it has 17 slots, which means I could add new knives or other cutlery to it, later on. It is also expensive, but I think this one is worth it as well. I would personally opt for Wusthof knives anytime. Check out the reviews at Lavues.

3 Best Buys – Stainless Steel Cookware Sets

stainless steel pan

For starters, stainless steel is the best choice when choosing cookware. Reason? Because, just like the name suggests, it does not stain easily, compared to other materials like aluminium. I hope we are on the same page now, so we can move together.That said, you will still need to choose your cookware properly, because some companies tend to mold it better than others. You know, just like how one person happens to wear the same dress better than another. It could be where they source their steel or something, I don’t know exactly. I thus decided to do a little stainless steel cookware set review for you all, based in my ‘interaction’ with utensils from different companies. I do not own all these, no, but, I, well, go to people’s kitchens- a lot!

Gourmet chef

This is my personal favorite. With a great satisfaction of the non-stick quality, Gourmet Chef scores another plus with their light weight of utensils, yet not too light to wear out quickly. As a sucker for looks, I must admit that their attractive design always has me biased when buying.Downside: every time I have gone shopping, I only see 12-piece sets, irks me when I am looking for an eight or ten piece set. I recommend Gourmet chef for anyone who thinks of cookware as part of their interior decor.
Calphalon classic
My sister and I have a non-ending debate on this. I won’t delve into that, but i have no reason to advise her to change models, because Calphalon is just as nice. Non-stick too, and I must admit I envy it’s ease of cleaning, not to mention it’s availability in sets of almost all numbers.Downside: Calphalon is a bit heavy, and the handles have a feel that is not exactly natural to the hand. My sister thinks I’m biased, but I am saying this in utmost objectivity. If you cook meals that last long on the burner, then this is for you!
If none of us can agree to be moved, then I think we could both settle for Tramontina. Non-stick (that is not debatable) easy-to clean and light. Moreover, Tramontina has what i would call customized handles.Downside: You will have to do more than a surface search to land these. If you are just beginning your love affair with cookware, I say start here. Cookware goes a long way in affecting your mood in the kitchen, so you better have it right from the start. Any one of these is a good buy if you ask me; you can thank me later!!

Knowing the best Aroma rice cookers to buy

Who doesn’t love cooking? cooking is an art and for many people it stands as an healthy hobby.If you often stay at home and crave to cook some delicious recipes, then choosing the right cooker for your kitchen needs is a mandatory. So, here are some few models of the best rice cookers that I would personally recommend. Aroma rice cooker are well known for their best quality and affordable prices.

One among them is ‘The Aroma 12-Cup Sensor Logic rice cooker’. This is an electric cooker with some remarkable sensor technology that could make changes to the heating time based on room temperature.It has a capacity to hold 6 cups of uncooked rice which can yield up to 12 cups of cooked rice.The specialty of this cooker is its saute-then-simmer feature which creates more heat for browning food and turns automatically to simmer when liquid is added.It has a detachable power cable which is seldom found in other cookers.

Another cooker in this brand that I find fascinating is ‘The Aroma ARC-150SB 20-cup rice cooker’. This is the quality product from aroma that has the best value for given money.This cooker comes with an option of only steam.It slowly cooks food with consistent taste from top to bottom and this large cooker comes with digital controls for your ease.

If you are cooking for a small group, then ‘Aroma 6-cup pot-style ARC-743-1NG’ will be suitable.This is the right choice when you are in a budget.The electric cooker offers three different types of color choices;black,red or white which helps you match to the kitchen decor.Additionally, it has one-touch control which makes cooking as easy as touching a switch.This cooker comes with a stream tray which comes out of the main unit and gives greater capacity.Plus, a serving spatula and a rice measuring cup comes along with this cooker.

‘Aroma 8-cup(cooked) digital Rice Cooker and food steamer’ is one cooker that comes with 15-hour delay timer,which helps in easy cooking ahead of time.It has a user-friendly design and comes with recipes,rice measuring cup,serving spatula and steam tray.It is better to go for this if you need a rice cooker that cooks anywhere from 2 to 8 cups of rice.

It was difficult to find espresso in India

Travel has been our passion, and we stayed in India for almost a decade because my husband was sent there. We decided to make the most of our stay by traveling to various places in that country. I had a few problems though. I am a coffee addict, and finding a decently brewed coffee in a country that is predominantly tea drinker, was a difficult proposition. The closest they came to latte on coffee was in some southern State. The person poured coffee from a height of about 3 feet into a small glass below, with a great deal of precision, and repeated the action with the other hand till decent froth was built on coffee. There was nothing wrong with the coffee or beans. It was just that I was not accustomed to drinking so sweet coffee, and prefer it neatly placed before me in a ceramic cup or mug.

CoffeeHealthBenefits5 (13)

After a few months of suffering, we ordered an espresso maker from Amazon but not before going through oh so many reviews about such appliances. I was told that reviews may not always be genuine. I believed that to be true. How can a small appliance get so many good reviews and simultaneously bad reviews? So when my husband was reading those reviews, I suggested that he only opt for the best espresso makers. “And how am I to judge that?” he’d asked. I promptly told him to look for espresso makers on Amazon that scored only four and and five star. The task was time consuming but my husband had the time, and I didn’t. So he sat a couple of hours for almost a week and searched different websites to locate the best espresso maker based on my stipulation. In about a week’s time, he had a few “best espresso maker reviews” for me to review and finalize. We decided we will take a small machine, rather a single cup espresso maker because Indians prefer tea and as long as we stay in India, we would have Indian visitors.

I feel no shame in admitting that I am the decision maker in my family in so far as the kitchen appliances go. My husband and my son get to do all the spade work. We finally settled for Mr. Coffee espresso maker. It was not until we had paid for it with my husband’s credit card that I noticed a few negative reviews. I guess there must have been some reason for my husband liking it. All I can say is I am happy with the appliance. I get creamy frothy coffee, and my younger children got creamy frothy chocolate from the same machine.